Pension Funds Online Future Strategy offers

Intelligence on ESG factors

Access to intelligence on ESG factors including level of risk, decision making, review and member consultation for 200+ UK pension funds, all in one place

Funds future investment strategies

Up-to-date information on pension funds future investment strategies including insight into 200+ pension funds asset allocation and compare investment targets against current asset allocation

Analysis of future investment

In-depth analysis of future tolerance for risk, receptiveness to alternatives, or liability matching goals

Email alerts

Get timely email alerts when new reports are updated so you are kept informed

Take a look inside

Asset allocation - Over or under?

Search for pension funds by a particular asset class and see a fund’s current allocation against their strategic allocation and whether they are over, under or match.

Future investment strategies

Get access to more in-depth information about a funds future investment strategy with emphasis on their ESG policy and any initiatives they have committed to, at the touch of a button.

Why you need Pension Funds Online Future Strategy

Save time and money

Save time and money on research, get all the future strategy information you need in one place

Understand existing clients

Develop a deeper understanding of your existing clients future investment strategies and ESG policies

Be the first to know

Keep up-to-date by email and get notified when new reports are added enabling you to stay one step ahead of your competitors

Identify new leads

Identify new business leads, build your pitch and support your findings with our future strategy and ESG intelligence

Prepare for meetings

Prepare for meetings with detailed information on future investment and ESG. Export as a pdf and use in reports or presentations

Drive your marketing strategy

Identify fund investment allocation (under/over) by asset class enabling you to understand trends and drive your marketing strategy